PORT is a design studio. The word PORT means openness to us. The courage of looking far into the unknown. Breathing fresh air. PORT contains a lot of meanings. Diversity and stabilization, technology and natural force element, freshness, aroma and taste of the ocean ... Cooperation and individuality. Freedom, joy, sometimes longing.

PLACE which is supposed to connect people with various passions, skills and professions. We create together, exchanging ideas and experiences, designing interdisciplinary. Combining the knowledge and technology in various fields, we believe that we are creating valuable architecture.

ARCHITECTURE "OUT OF CENTRE" lecture by Antoni Domicz - this year's winner of the SARP award. About the architecture of another, niche places, revalorizations of buildings. About small-scale objects. The objects realized in the context of historical substance.

COLUMBIA – a memory of the journey, the mentality and the people of the country which has been transformed over the last 15 years, about an economic and social miracle of Medellin, about the mechanisms through which changes have been implemented, about architecture.

While tasting South American, a discussion about possible changes of Nadodrze, about the old Shelter located at Słowiańska St. and its function and role in Nadodrze. Registering ideas and needs related to the Old Shelter, asking about possibility of their use.

LOOK AT NADODRZE. Photo exhibition of shots showing Stanisław Zajączkowski’s unique look at places located in the Nadodrze district.