Cars dramatically changed the world’s landscape of the twentieth century. Along millions of kilometers of roads service stations, garages, motels, restaurants, residential areas and even entire cities have been created. In order to respond to new needs inspired by vehicles, designers have proposed new forms and types of functionality. They started with a vengeance, optimism and bravado which resulted in exciting visions of urban space and unusual car concepts. On one hand they tried to add dynamism to architecture, on the other - to enrich cars for example by providing their residential functions. At that moment pioneering buildings were constructed on a scale which was then never repeated. With increasing environmental awareness, popularity of bicycles, minimized engine capacity and drivers’ decisiveness , the “cult” of car is coming to an end. Just a furtive look in the rearview mirror.

Author: Łukasz Wojciechowski

Co-editor - SARP Wrocław Branch, Unpubleashed