Date: 22.10, Sunday, 13.30

Tour leader: arch. Leszek Konarzewski

The work was one of the tasks in the “design and build” system and it was completed as part of the project “Modernisation of the boulevards of Inner City Odra”, including flood protection.

The following work has been done on the riverbank with the total length of over 6,200 m:

- regulation and strengthening of the shoreline with an impermeable wall with reinforced concrete top plate, along the length of the redeveloped embankment and part of the walls, and completing the redevelopment of Dunikowski boulevard, which was planned for a later time;

- renovation of the retaining walls built in the early 20th century by providing a covering from granite blocks, and building new walls, including stairs, parapets and water removal systems; providing new metal railing and renovating the adjacent pavement surfaces;

- redevelopment of the embankment by providing granite blocks covering, including stairs, parapets and water removal systems; providing new metal railing and making the necessary changes to the surfaces;

- renovation of the walls of the 16th-century Bricklayers’ Bastion, including the reconstruction of the historic covering made from clinker and sandstone;

- renovation of the brick wall of the 16th-century Sand Bastion by providing a covering from clinker with granite blocks taken from later redevelopments;

- renovation and partial reconstruction of the retaining wall on the 19th-century fragment of the embankment along the church gardens in Ostrów Tumski by providing clinker covering, including the reconstruction of the openwork brick fencing at the top of the wall and the renovation of the walking route and green areas on the premises of the Pontifical Faculty of Theology;

- renovation and reconstruction of the late 19th-century arcade walls on the embankment behind Sikorski Bridge, including the reconstruction of some of the arcades and construction of metal fencing;

- construction of new embankment reinforcement in the form of reinforced concrete retaining walls, using prefabricated elements with ceramic covering, including the top plate;

- providing nests for swallows in the rebuilt retaining walls, hiding places for fish in the stone protection covering, and elements of street furniture.

After years of neglect the completion of the abovementioned work, mostly revitalisation, made it possible to not only reveal the beauty of the reinforcement constructed at different times and using different methods, but also plan further modernisation work aimed at reclaiming the river by the city in the broadly-defined sense.

Scope of work:

- section “9a” from Grunwaldzki Bridge to Piaskowy and Tumski bridges (1,680 m in total); section “9b” from Piaskowy and Tumski bridges to University Bridge (1,650 m in total); section “9c” from University Bridge to Pomorski Bridge and from Sikorski Bridge to Dmowski Bridge (2,118 m in total); section “9d” from Mieszczańskie Bridges to the rail bridge (753 m in total).