Date: 25.10, Wednesday, 15.00

Place: Kazimierza Wielkiego-Ruska-Grabarska St.

Tour leader: arch. Andrzej Hubka, arch. Sławomir Szczotka

The “Pegaz” consists of two five-storey office buildings in the heart of Wrocław, with gross leasable area of 18,000 m2 and 360 parking spaces.

The central tenet behind the functional and spatial plan of the complex was to endow it with a homogenous character. It could be achieved by its alignment with the frontages of buildings in the nearby streets and designing the interiors in a way that allowed for meeting the standards of Class A office building.

These considerations determined the adopted spatial solutions. In spite of considerable difficulties, the resulting effect is remarkably original. The new object combines state-of-the-art architecture with the rich history of the city.

With regard to the elevations, the adopted solutions are characterised by a balance between the individual character of the office buildings and the historical surroundings. The slanted top storeys and the regular and rhythmical divisions of the windows allude to the parameters of the existing development and meet the specifications concerning the provision of daylight in the interiors.

The investor’s requirements with regard to the forms of office work and the layout of the storeys were standard for this type of objects. Large open-space areas (landscape office), which offer the possibility of flexible subdivisions into smaller office units that could be synchronised with the windows, are connected with maximally reduced common areas (corridors) that link the main installation shafts of the lifts, stairwells and plumbing.

Another objective was to receive the LEED certificate. It could be achieved by using large openable windows, suspended ceilings, elevated floors, energy-saving ventilation and air conditioning. The buildings were eventually awarded the LEED Platinum category.

The main advantages of the “Pegaz” are: central location in the historical part of the Old Town, which translates into shorter commute and easy accessibility by public transport; a variety of service outlets, both on the ground floor of the buildings and in the nearest proximity (including restaurants, stores, hotels, banks, a post office, a cinema, healthcare facilities); environmentally-friendly offices and green terraces, which perfectly combine work, private life and the modern lifestyle; flexible office areas that meet the expectations of clients looking for modern and efficient offices. The multi-level commercial underground parking lots make it possible to park the car right next to the Market Square and offer an alternative to the scarce parking spaces above the ground.