Date: 25.10, Wednesday, 19.30

Place: DKF "Politechnika", Wyb. Wyspiańskiego 27, bud.A1 s.329

Anything Can Happen (dir. Marcel Łoziński / Poland / 1995 / 39’ / documentary)

Tomek is an open-minded six-year-old, who strikes up conversations with random people while riding his scooter in a park. Anything Can Happen is a journey across the adult world seen from the point of view of a child. Innocent conversations about clothes or games turn into serious discussions about family, religion, respect or happiness. The questions, which are often uncomfortable but completely natural for a child, become an opportunity to depart from everyday life and rethink some of the problems that we normally avoid.

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If It Happens (dir. Marcel Łoziński / Poland / 2007 / 38’ / documentary)

Tomek has grown up and returns to the familiar park where he used to ride his scooter. The eighteen-year-old Tomasz meets his six-year-old self and remembers the stories he heard twelve years ago. This journey across time shows that certain problems remain the same despite the passing time.

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