Organisers: members of the CARDO Urban Studies Student Association (Joanna Baranowska Mariola Buczkowska Alina Dziaduś Karolina Gabryańczyk Agata Jakusik Krzysztof Jankowski Aleksandra Kozołub Klaudia Kuchno Stefania Kruszyńska Joanna Makowska-Czerska Paulina Malirz)

Project dedicated to organised school groups.

The former showpiece of Breslau’s nouveau riche, today it aspires to become Wrocław’s City. Elegant, noble, representative, but not fully appreciated, the Powstańców Śląskich residential estate hides many stories and mysteries. We invite you to discover them during a walk with the whole family. The adventurers will have ten missions to complete. Will you manage to do it in two hours? Come to Archilade 2 – an architectural urban game for children and adults!

The CARDO Urban Studies Student Association would like to invite you to an unusual walk through the Powstańców Śląskich residential estate in Wrocław. On your way you will explore the most important buildings and sites in the area. All children and their guardians will receive a special exercise book with stories and riddles, prepared by students of Architecture and Urban Planning of Wrocław University of Technology, which will provide a framework for the walk. Each stop along the way is a separate mission. The explorers will need to successfully complete drawing exercises referring to a given object. The tasks are intended to acquaint the players in an accessible way with the basic notions connected with architecture, its rules, visual design elements or historical values represented by a given place. The two-hour walk will not only be great fun for kids, but it will also give them a chance to learn about the secrets of architecture while discovering fascinating stories hidden in buildings that we pass every day.

Referring to the motto “City in Green”, this year’s Archilade will also focus on notions connected with the green areas in the estate.

The project was selected in the DoFA’17 Open Call Competition. L styD�U��m�