Date: 24.10-22.11

Place: Museum of Architecture in Wrocław, 5 Bernardyńska St.

Co-organiser: Wrocławska Rewitalizacja

Przedmieście Oławskie in Wrocław is another, after Nadodrze, area undergoing revitalisation. In the next few years some vitally important projects will be carry out here, such as developing the banks of the Oława river, renovating yards and tenements, adapting tenement annexes to the needs of the local community. A place that has a particularly big potential, despite being very neglected, is the area between the Oława river and Żabia Ścieżka, Traugutta and Szybka streets.

Wrocławska Rewitalizacja, the organisation supervising the revitalisation of Przedmieście Oławskie, tries to involve representatives of different milieus in the discussion about the development of this area. Among the invited guests have been the participants in the conservatory design and revitalisation course at the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland. The students under the supervision of Professor Ruggero Tropeano spent an entire semester devising concepts for the old Carl Schirdewan vodka factory, the ruins of the Christ Church and the nearby public spaces.

Moreover, in June 2017 an urban planning and architectural competition for a conception of the area near the old vodka factory was adjudicated. Organised by the Wrocław Branch of the Association of Polish Architects, the Municipality of Wrocław and the company Wrocławska Rewitalizacja, the competition was intended to acquire knowledge about the possible scenarios for urbanistic transformations as a basis for updating the local spatial development plan.

The exhibition held under DoFA ’17 features the competition entries and works by students. Its aim is to trigger a discussion about the role of different areas in the historical development of the inner city and the possibilities of using them in order to improve the quality of city life.