Konkurs na kościół_Nowe Żerniki_wykład prof. Richarda Englanda (Malta)

Informujemy, że po ogłoszeniu wyników konkursu 

na opracowanie koncepcji architektoniczno-urbanistycznej kościoła rzymskokatolickiego na osiedlu Europejskiej Stolicy Kultury Nowe Żerniki we Wrocławiu, 

które odbędzie się 15 listopada o godz. 16.00 w Muzeum Architektury (ul. Bernardyńska 5) będzie mieć miejsce dyskusja pokonkursowa oraz wykład przewodniczącego Jury, prof. Richarda Englanda (Malta,

Fot. René Rossignaud

Wystąpienie naszego gościa rozpocznie się o godz. 17.30 i będzie nosić tytuł 

"The spirit of Place and Places of the Spirit".

O wykładzie:

"The talk will focus on aspects of my secular architecture specifically relating to the history, memory and the spirit of place of the island of Malta. I will then talk of my search for an architecture of silent spaces, arenas of contemplation and meditation so necessary in today's chaotic, mechanical and monetary focused world. Many of these projects are gardens designed with a contemporary typology bearing in mind and memory the traditional Mediterranean walled garden origins. Many of these spaces are designed to evoke in manifest form literary imaginary loci of such authors as Italo Calvino, Jorge Luis Borges, Tolkein and Ben Okri. The major part of the presentation however, will focus on my creation of 50 built or unbuilt sacred space projects. The creation of sacred spaces remains the most difficult task that an architect can tackle, for he or she is here attempting to measure the unmeasurable. The talk will focus and illustrate examples of church and chapel buildings which are modelled specifically to meet contemporary liturgical requirements and to create spaces where man can dialogue with the divine bearing in mind that today's congregations must no longer be spectators but participants in the celebration of the liturgy. "While others were building ships in their bottles, I was building a lighthouse".  C.S. Lewis' words are the creed which I have tried to follow in the making of these spaces to create a beacon of light to draw people to a closer relationship with the Divine."

/tekst: prof. Richard England/

Dar Il-Hanin Samaritan Meditation Garden, Santa Venera, Malta / Fot. Alan Carville

Dar Il-Hanin Samaritan Water Chapel detail, Santa Venera, Malta / Fot. Daniel Cilia

Dar il-Hanin Samaritan Water Chapel, Santa Venera, Malta / Fot. Daniel Cilia

Church of St Joseph, Manikata, Malta / Fot. Richard England

Hal Farrug Church, Malta / render